Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kuno Francke

Kuno Francke

Kuno Francke (1855-1930), was a U.S. educator and historian. Francke was born in Kiel, Germany, in 1855, and earned a Ph.D. in medieval folklore and poetry in Munich in 1878. He was a close associate of art historian Ephraim Emerton, and through him met Harvard University president Charles William Eliot. In 1884 he became an instructor at Harvard, and earned a full professorship in 1896. He was curator of the Busch-Reisinger Museum Germanic Museum of Harvard University, and authored several books. Among them are "The Americans", an ethnological study of the American people, and "A German-American's Confession of Faith", about World War I. He also edited Munsey's collections of German classics. He remained curator at Harvard until 1929, when he retired, and died the next year in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A professorship in "German Art and Literature" at Harvard is named after Francke.

[The German Classics Of The Nineteenth And Twentieth Centuries V19]

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