Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Anthony Aikman

Anthony Aikman (1942-now)

Anthony Aikman (1942-now) title=

Anthony Robert Aikman (born London 1942) is a British writer and film director. He grew up in St Margarets Bay. He was educated Mercers and Westminster. He graduated from the University of Wales in 1962. Uganda 1964. Sailing Ionian Islands 1968 Rome Fex Morrocco (Follow the Phoenix,illust. web site) 1973 Bermuda 1974 Restored ruined tower Umbria ("A Tower in Italy") Solomon Islands 1976 Melanesian Mission. 1979 Crossing Sahara by small motorbike. 1980 Yemen. Attempt crossing Empty Quarter. 1882 Phillipines ("Caves of Segada"pub R. Hale) 1983 Sandinista Cadre, Nicaragua 1984 Amazon Headwaters ("Eye of Itza" pub R. Hale) 1986 Journey to the Jade Sea and treks with the Masai Loita Hilla ("Brokers of Doom" R. Hales. Commissioned to write "Treehouses" R. Hale.1987 Thailand ("The Farang" pub Oldhams/D.K. books 1992 UN mission Cambodia 1995 Island Doctor Simelue Aceh.2001 Volunteer Medic Hill Tribes N. Thailand Hobbies Sailing, Riding. Heroes Byron, Thesiger. See official web site for free download most of his published books.

[The October Blight]

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