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Alfred Henry Forrester

Alfred Henry Forrester

Alfred Henry Forrester (10 September 1804 26 May 1872) was an author, illustrator and artist, who was also known under the pseudonym of Alfred Crowquill. Alfred Forrester was the son of Robert Forrester of 5 North Gate, Royal Exchange, London, a public notary. He discovered an aptitude for literary and artistic pursuits from an early age, and was soon associated with writing for periodical publications, including Colburn's New Monthly, Bentley, and Punch magazine. He often wrote short tales, songs, children's stories, and occasional burlesques. He could also draw and worked on wood, etchings and caricatures using pen and ink, specialising in anthropomorphic animals, occasionally illustrating stories for his brother Charles Robert Forrester (18031850) who wrote under the pseudonym of Hal Willis. He also made several popular ceramics of contemporary subjects, including a "Memorial of the Great Exhibition of 1851" and a statuette of Wellington Bear. He was buried at West Norwood Cemetery.

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